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We are a hardcore punk band in London, (un)United Kingdom. We channel the streets of the Stab Nation. Follow the autodistruzione on here with recordings, news, shows and shitty opinions. XXX.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


We've got a UK jaunt coming up in July and will be recording with Atko in Leeds for our upcoming 7". Still need to fill spaces on the 6th and 7th of July anywhere in the y(UK), so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email if you can help us out. xxx

2nd - Sheffield w/Oi Polloi, Vanilla Pod and Mob Rules

3rd - Leeds w/ Closure, Minders and Host
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4th - 5th recording for 7"

6th - Glasgow w/Jack Onassis

7th - Bristol w/Fuck Right Off & Aberrant

8th - Margate Practice room show w/Human Junk

9th- London @The Victoria w/ Poison Planet, Harbour and Wardogs. 
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