London Hardcore Punk

We are a hardcore punk band in London, (un)United Kingdom. We channel the streets of the Stab Nation. Follow the autodistruzione on here with recordings, news, shows and shitty opinions. XXX.

Monday, 26 September 2011


We have been resigned to temporary inactivity for the last couple of months due to drafting in a new bassist (welcome Ben) but the dry spell is over now and we have two shows coming up next month: 

We are playing the Saturday of Means to an End fest in Bradford at the 1 in 12...

and the Shitty Limit's last show at the GYC. Amazing line up, come down and go nuts to the Limits and Crowd Control one last time. 


As the above flyer informs, this was supposed to be the release show for our upcoming 7". Things got delayed, so expect a release by the end of the year. More info on that coming soon. Straight Edge.